Arundel, West Sussex

The Bridge, Arundel.

Google Street View (approximate).

Panorama of town, showing castle

Arundel is a market town and civil parish in a steep vale of the South Downs, West Sussex, England. . . . Arundel town is a major bridging point over the River Arun as it was the lowest road bridge until the opening of the Littlehampton swing bridge in 1908. Arundel Castle was built by the Normans to protect that vulnerable fairly wooded plain to the north of the valley through the South Downs. The town later grew up on the slope below the castle to the south. The river was previously called the Tarrant and was renamed after the town by antiquarians in a back-formation.

Though it is very much associated with medieval times as the seat of the Earl of Arundel and the Duke of Norfolk, the town’s boom period did not come until the 18th century. Its position straddling the River Arun meant it was an ideal changeover point for goods heading towards London or down the now-non-existent canal to Portsmouth.
“A postman’s quest to preserve Arundel’s glory days”, The Argus

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