Queen's Orphanage, New Town

Photographs taken 2006, unfortunately of an evening.

This is the northernmost building, on the right as you approach. One wing was built on either side of St Johns Church, although the church was built later.

Each wing is connected to the church by a walkway.

Full view of northern wing. The orphanage buildings were designed by John Lee Archer, although the dormers weren't part of his original design and don't appear in the early photographs. At the time, the design was criticised for looking too much like a penal institution, rather than a children's home.

Behind the northern wing.

Also behind the northern wing, looking towards the church

The left hand building, has been partly demolished. The section between the central facade and the church was removed.

Remaining section of southern wing.

Entrance to the southern wing.

The side of the southern wing, looking back down the road towards the church.

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