A random collection of material relating to Van Diemen's Land/Tasmania, prior to 1856, which rarely gets updated these days. My livejournal is updated regularly, and has a lot of related material. (Check the Tags on the right of the page for relevant topics). I've copied some entries to this webpage but that takes time that I'd rather put towards creating new entries.

If you can't find quite what you're looking for below, ask! I might not answer them in email, but I'm always happy to write new entries (on LiveJournal) on topics that interest me.

Two execeptions though. I think I've included everything I know about the orphan schools and the Cascades female factory on the page below. If you ask for more information on these, I most likely send you to the State Archives, the Female Factory Historic Site or the AUS-Tasmania Genealogy mailing list. All of whom are helpful and knowledgeable. . I update that far more often than I go this web page, so I've included links to related tags under "More Information".


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