From MINUTES OF MEETINGS OF THE COMMITEE OF MANAGEMENT 26 Apr 1826 - 23 Oct 1832; Kings/Queens Orphans School (SWD24 )

           From the Testimony of the Men it was collected that the Children had never been furnished with Porridge, but merely a very thin Gruel -- that the Oatmeal provided for making a thick porridge could not have been used, & that what had been used was never weighed or measured.
           -- that the Childrens Tea was made in a Boiler contg about 6 Galls of water, a handful of Tea with some Sugar & Milk being thrown into the Boiler, without being weighed or measured, and thus boiled all together, & then taken to the Childrens Table in an Iron Pot, where it was laded out, Leaves and all, by the Childrens panakins & so placed before them. That but 6 -- 2lb, Loves of Bread were issued in the Morning & 5 ? in the Evening, which were divided amongst the Children -- 35 in number.
           That the Children had not any Bread at Dinner Time, except Ladies were there or were seen approaching the House, and that in the latter even Bread was quickly got and put the Children.
           The Female Servant (who was examined apart from each of the men) confirmed their statements as to the mode of making the Gruel & Tea, and the quantity of Bread daily served out. She also stated that on one occasion, when cleaning the Dining room of the Master & Matron, which adjoins their Bedrooms, & at which time the Matron had not left the Bedroom, she head her Master upstairs, before the Children had left their Bedrooms & some of the Children crying, & also heard slaps given to the Children.
           The 3 Servants likewise stated that the Master fed his poultry, consisting of Turkeys, Geese, Ducks & Hens, regularly twice a day, with Oatmeal, taken the Store Room and mixed with water. Also that the Children would sometimes pick up Bones, Turnip paring &c, thrown out from the Kitchen, & pick the one and eat the other, & ask for Bread & other things complaining of Hunger.

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