Nikolaevsky Bridge, St Petersburg

С.-Петербургь НиколаевскнІ Мость
St. Pétersbourg Pont Nicolaus

Edition “Richard”, St.-Petersbourg. No. 41892

Nikolaevsky Bridge (Annunciation Bridge), St Petersburg.

Postmarked 1965 but  St Petersburg was renamed Petrograd in 1914 and from Metro Postcard, publisher was in operation from 1903-1917

(Cyrillic didn’t copy very well. It might vary depending on font used.)

Street View

RMS Aquitania

“Tourist Smoking Room”

Series of postcards of “Cunard White Star R.M.S. ‘Aquitania'”.
Cards are undated by the company name “Cunard White Star” was in use from 1934-1949. They are most likely pre-World War II, as the ship was put to other uses after the start of the war, so 1930-39 seems a likely date.

(More images including interior on Historic England Archive.

“Cabin Dining Saloon”

“Tourist Lounge”

“Third Class Lounge”

Union Station, Washington, D.C.

“Union Station Waiting Room, Washington, D.C.” c.1920

Union station smaller
“Train Concourse, Union Station, Washington, D.C.” c.1910 (postmarked 1912)

Text on back:
The Train Concourse of the Union Railway Station at Washington, D.C. is 760 feed in length. There is standing room for 50,000 people within its vast area. At one end is an entrance to the private waiting room for the President of the U.S. and the ambassadors of foreign countries.

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