Unloading bananas, New Orleans

Unloading Bananas New Orleans, LA.

On the back:

“At New Orleans, the world’s greatest banana port, more than 700 ships arrive each year loaded, each with 25,000 to 50,000 bunches of this popular fruit. At the banana wharves the individual bunch is carried from the hold of the ship to the door of the refrigerator car on mechanical conveyors.”

Published by New Orleans News Co. Can’t narrow the date, but 1920-1950

Royal Mint

“Cutting Room, The Royal Mint.”

A series of postcards of the Royal Mint.
Undated. (However, a card from a different series showing one of the same images is postmarked 1939. See bottom of post.)

“The Royal Mint. ¬†Press Room.”

“The Medal Presses. The Royal Mint.”

“Annealing Furnaces. The Royal Mint. Horizontal.”
This and the next image were both on the same card.

“Annealing Furnaces. The Royal Mint. Rotary.”
This and the previous image were both on the same card.

“The Chancellor Balance. The Royal Mint. Check Weighing Silver Ingots.”

“Royal Mint. Gold Melting House.”

“Gold Melting House. The Royal Mint.”
The is the same picture as the previous image, although of a different format (BW with a white border & a poorer quality image when scanned in). It is postmarked 12 July 1939.